The Biggest Wolfquest Walkthrough Ever

My main wolf used for this tutorial, Ammut.

PART 1: Amethyst Mountain, or AM

The Goal

In part 1 of WolfQuest, you play as a two-year old gray wolf, born in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park. Your basic goal is to survive until you find a mate.

1. Creating Your Wolf

Before you start playing the game at all, you are going to need to create a wolf. First, click either Single Player or Multi-player options on the main menu. I will go with Single Player. When you click the button, a second menu will appear. Click “New Game”. The customization menu will then appear. You will have 5 coat options: red/gray, another gray/reddish mix, red, black, and white. For my wolf, I will choose black. Next are the red and gray bars. Move the slider to adjust the mixture of each color in the coat. More gray makes a colder color, more red a warmer color.

Then there are the stat bonuses. It is your decision as to what these will be, but keep in mind the the more strength your wolf has, the less stamina and speed it will have. The same works for stamina and speed. The more speed your wolf has, the less stamina, and vice versa. You also have the option of choosing a male or female wolf. Finally, you can name your wolf.

2. Hunting

Chasing a coyote.

Carcass: scent plume.

You can hunt and kill hares, coyotes, and elk. You can’t, however, kill grizzly bears. I know (I’ve tried, and always failed miserably; of course, if you want to die millions of

Chasing a hare.

times trying, than go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you). In this case, I spotted a coyote and sent Ammut after it. But now, if you have managed to catch and kill a coyote or rabbit (note: if you catch a rabbit, there is usually not a noticeable health reduction), you may notice something: the red bar in the upper left corner has decreased a little bit. If you can’t see it, just click on the picture to enlarge it. Either way, the red bar is your health. The green bar above it is your stamina. If either one drops to 0, your wolf dies.

In order to remedy this problem, you must find something to eat. I usually scavenge off elk carcasses until I get a mate, because hunting without a mate can take forever (and more often than not, when I try, I end up getting really low health and end up killing my wolf). Hunting hares to eat can also work, but unless you have only lost a small bit of health, it is not as effective as finding an elk carcass.

3. Finding A Mate

In this third part of the tutorial, you will learn how to find a mate. To find a mate, you must first battle a wolf from each of the three packs in Amethyst Mountain: Slough, Specimen, and Druid. I recommend going in the order that the packs are listed, as the Slough pack has weaker wolves. Druids are the strongest, most aggressive, and most determined, and my wolves sometimes die in battling them if they come across a particularly determined wolf. Sometimes the Druids even battle to the death (either their death or my wolves’).

Anyway, the series of photos in the slideshow below shows my battle with a Slough wolf (and some thumbnails of the pictures above). As mentioned before, Slough wolves are the weakest wolves in the game, usually.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you have battled with a wolf in each territory, you can go back to the Slough wolves’ territory. There, you should find a dispersal wolf. If it is the opposite gender of your wolf, you should do the correct actions to make that wolf your mate. If it is the same gender, chase it away. Walk a little ways away from where you saw the wolf, and go back. There should be a different wolf there. Keep trying until you get a wolf you like. Then, once you come across a wolf that you like, and that is the opposite gender of your wolf, approach it. The interaction buttons should appear. There will be a few hostile interactions listed, and a few friendly ones.


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